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Meen Thala Mulakittathu with kallu & Kappa

Huge size fish head mulakittathu - The real taste of kallu shappu curries
They will serve fish head only after 3-4 days from preparation. The taste came because of all Kudam puli & masala will be really join with the head in these days.


Appom with kallu and njandu curry (crab curry)

Another delicious food item is appom in kallu shappu. Tasty with  njandu curry (crab curry) and kallu.


podi meen fry or kozhuva varuthathu

Another tasty fish item... dish with frying small type of fish

Its name will change depends up on areas in kerala...

Podi meen varuthau , Kozhuva fry, Pallathy fry etc...

Pallathy is seems to be very good tasty in Kottayam locality  shapps...


Shappu meen curry (Fish Curry) with kappa

Taste the meen curry (Fish Curry) from shappu...

Its very tasty with Kodum Puli (Kukum star)


Kooja kallu and Karimeen pollichathu

Kooja kallu  - a stylish method of keeping kallu for pouring.

Karimeen pollichathu - a tasty dish cooked with steam. Keeping karimeen and masala inside the vazha ela (Banana Leaf).


karimeen – Taste of kerala backwater

Don't miss to taste Karimeen dishes from Kerala backwaters of  Kuattanad


Achimukku shap of poonjar

A good video song related with achimukku shap of poonjar
Its from malaylam album - Aarpoyi

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Vraal fish fry

Vraal fish fry is a tasty one.. .

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Choora curry and meen peera

Choora curry, meen peera , kakka fry with pepper masala...then our kallu...


Kallu , appam and karimeen curry from alappuzha

Kallushappu appam a great tasty one , especially with karimeen  curry... try it in alappuzha, kottayam shapps